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Peer Review I had the opportunity to review Carla, Chloe, Jason, Megan, and Neha’s Interactive Learning Resource on measurement and perimeter. Overall I was extremely impressed with the work put out by my colleagues. Firstly, I noticed that in the overview… Continue Reading →

Designing for Interaction Community Contributions

Hi Cynthia, I really enjoyed the video you chose for your topic. I agree that it could be difficult for learners to take notes, but your idea about the teacher pausing for further explanation is fantastic. I think this could… Continue Reading →

Designing for Interaction

I have chosen this video titled “What is Descriptive writing”? In what way are they likely to respond to the video on their own e.g. make notes, do an activity, think about the topic (learner-generated)?  The video provided gives an… Continue Reading →

Designing for Inclusion Community Contributions

Hi Jiayu,  I think you did an excellent job at highlighting the key factors of online education. It has been quite a strange year on zoom, and it has caused teachers to have to be extremely creative. I love the… Continue Reading →

Designing For Inclusion

It is extremely important that as educators, we are setting up every individual student for success. Shelley Moore, an inclusive education advocate, states that it is a teachers job to understand their students and cater to them (Moore, 2017). Every… Continue Reading →

Learning Design Community Contributions

Chloe, I really enjoyed reading your blog entry! I also did direct instruction and felt that you laid it out in very simple terms that clearly highlight the steps of the approach. While reading your blog, I thought a lot… Continue Reading →

Learning Design: Direct Instruction

This week I will be looking at the topic of direct instruction. Direct instruction can be outlined as a teacher working directly with a group of students rather than the students working on tasks without the teacher (Davis, 2018). This… Continue Reading →

Learning, Motivation, and Theory Community Contribution

Mickayla, I really enjoyed reading about your experiences with different learning theories. It is interesting that we had different experiences but feel similarly in that constructivism and cognitivism allow for more intrinsic motivation. In cases such as your experience with… Continue Reading →

Learning, Motivation, and Theory

It is interesting to reflect upon my own learning experiences and the ones that were the most memorable. Based on prior knowledge as well as completing the weekly tasks, I am drawn to the constructivist approach. I believe this approach… Continue Reading →

Test Learning Design Post

This post  will appear in a few places: in the blog feed on the front of your website in the Learning Design menu on your website. This is because we have applied the “edci335” category to this post and the… Continue Reading →

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